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Calamari at Cilento’s herbs

Ingredients (for 6 persons):
Gr. 900 fresh calamari
Nr. 20 black olives stoned
Nr. 30 capers
Gr. 10 asparagus

Parsley to taste
Salt to taste
Nr. 1 garlic
Olive oil to taste
Nr. 1 glass of white wine
A handful of breadcrumbs

In a frying pan (if possible non-stick) we brown the garlic, then we add the calamari previously cut as match.
Then we can add the herbs, starting with the olives, the capers and the asparagus, so the wine, the salt and the parsley.
When the cooking water and the wine are evaporated we can dredge with breadcrumbs.


Homemade ravioli (pasta envelope with a savoury filling) with pumpkin and angler fish

To do the pasta:
Tepid water to taste
Flour and salt to taste

To do the filling:
Pumpkin to taste
Stale bread to taste
Angler fish to taste
Garlic and parsley to taste
Pepper and salt

For the cooking:
Oil and parsley
Pachino tomatoes, salt

We prepare the dough and let it stand for a few minutes. We whisk the ingredients for the filling and put it in refrigerator. We roll out the dough very thin, then stuff it and get the ravioli.
We make a sauce with olive oil, parsley, Pachino tomatoes, salt and angler fish. In this sauce we cook the ravioli previously boiled. To serve hot.


Fancy cakes with almonds

Nr. 4 egg whites
Gr. 500 almonds
Gr. 400 sugar

We mince the almonds and add the egg whites previously beaten until stiff, then we add also the sugar and blend all getting a solid mixture.
From this mixture we get many little fancy cakes that we’ll coat with sugar and we’ll lay out in baking-tins coated with greaseproof paper.
We cook the fancy cakes in a preheated oven at 180° for about 7 minutes.