• gamberi
  • risotto di mare
  • aragosta


Restaurant must devote a part of its time to the cellar, so the wine list need to be rich.
One of the most important function of sommelier is to work together with the kitchen, in order to get a pleasant union between kitchen and cellar.
Subtle biological liquid, made from nature, the wine is not only a simple and mere alcoholic dilution, but it is an intense solution, a centre of balance made vital by its yeasts, its enzymes and perfumes.
So the wine answers in a man a real need, both mental and organic. In a healthy man, you can say benefits are noteworthy, if there is the right balance between measure and quality.
Mystical and symbol of joy, the wine is all the time an inexhaustible source where the Creator genius drew relentlessly.
Born from earth and sun through the hard work of the wine grower it is the shared work of nature and man.
The art of tasting enables to value wine’s features tying sight, smell and taste down in the best possible way.

Carmine Laureana, member of A.I.S. (Sommelier Italian Association), takes care personally of restaurant’s cellar that provides excellent Italian and foreign wines and of bumper harvest.